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Rise of Skywalker content comes to Star Wars Battlefront II in newest update

Rise of Skywalker content comes to Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts and DICE have revealed the new batch of content coming to Star Wars Battlefront II in the newest game update. There are actually two parts to the update, one is a free update that will arrive today, the other is a completely new map. The new map will arrive on December 20th, after the film releases. The content itself is a new stable of Reinforcement units: The Sith Trooper, Aerial First Order Trooper, and a Gunner and Spy Unit for the Resistance. Kylo Ren, Finn, and Rey will also get some new costumes drawn from the new film.

The new content will tie directly into the new film in the franchise, Rise of Skywalker, set to debut this Friday. The film follows the exploits of Rey and the remnants of the anti-First Order rebellion as they struggle against the resurgent power of Kylo Ren and the rebuilt First Order. Rey and the remaining good guys have plenty of challenges ahead, as Rey struggles with the Dark Side of the Force, and the rebellion must return to its roots if it wants to survive.

If you want to see this new gear in action, check out the trailer below.

The reputation of Star Wars Battlefront II has no doubt been tarnished these last couple of years. DICE and EA have tried to regain some lost ground, with consistent new content additions, but it has been a hard fight. The damage done to the brand by the loot box controversies and pay-to-win accusations may have permanently soured the entire franchise for some gamers.

This new content batch may help engender some interest in the game, although it’s hard to say how much of that expansion in user numbers will remain in place over a longer term. After the new film debuts, interest in tie-in content is certain to wane. The newly revealed Celebration Edition may help with those sagging numbers though.

That version came with a major batch of content, enough for any Star Wars fan to enjoy, including over 350 customization options. There are also plenty of new options for hero units in the bundle.

The newest film, Rise of Skywalker, comes to theaters on December 20th.

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