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Snowrunner sold almost one million copies since launch

How to reset trailers in SnowRunner

Saber Interactive has another hit on their hands. Snowrunner, the new off-road sim, has sold almost one million copies since launch. That launch was just three weeks ago by the way. Fans across all the versions have done pretty well with the game. Reception for consoles, namely  PS4 and Xbox One, has been very solid. PC and the Epic Games Store, which is the only PC version currently,  has been the clear leader though.

The developer, Saber Interactive, has that the game is doing well. Check out the Tweet below for that announcement. The reveal also said that DLC was a major contributor. This is likely due to the strong fanbase that the game has built over the years. Snowrunner is the third game in a franchise capped off by MudRunner, another off-road simulation. The new game adds new locales and more complex mechanics while retaining the realistic terrain modeling and truck physics fans loved. This all probably helped it reach the high sales numbers we’re seeing.

Snowrunner is the last game from developer Saber Interactive before they are brought under the umbrella of their new parent company, Embracer Group. That integration is said to have “so far run smoothly, despite the difficult circumstances due to COVID-19.” Saber will retain some level of independence but will be a full subsidiary, working to support projects and goals of the new parent company.

Saber has been doing an incredibly good job as of late with their games. From the release of zombie shooter, World War Z to the rampaging debut of Snowrunner, the quality of these games is awesome. The development team has also done a solid job of pushing out DLC and patches for their games, making fans happy.

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