How to become a Scam Artist in BitLife

Becoming a Street Hustler in BitLife

Players have been waiting for the new Job Pack in BitLife for some time. Since the Actor pack dropped, the next update has been awaited with anticipation, and it’s finally here. With the arrival of BitLife’s new Street Hustler update, players get to take on a new role in life. This one is a lot less glamorous than the movie star life, especially since you’re going to likely be living on the street.

How to become a Scam Artist in BitLife

Like the other roles in the new Job Pack, this one is pretty easy to take on. You don’t even need any talents for music or singing. If you just want to get right into making illicit cash, this is the trick. The issue is, this job is a high-risk, high-reward career path. You have a very high likelihood of getting caught at some point. If you’re not prepared for jail, maybe pick something more your speed. If you’re OK with time in the can, this might be the digital life path for you.

To get the role, you need to have the Job Pack installed. Grab the paid addon via the Appstore for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android. Once it’s installed and the app is updated, you’re ready to go. Just create a character and get them through High School to set up for being a Scam Artist in BitLife. Having high Smarts and Looks can help you pull off successful scams, but it’s not required. Go into the Special Careers section on the Occupation tab, and choose the job you want once you’re ready.

What is the Scam Artist job?

When you get the job, you’re given random events during each year your character is alive to run scams.  Each time you choose to run a scam, you’re asked to pick a target area. There are two stats to keep wary of, Police Presence and Traffic. The Traffic will determine how many potential targets you have to scam. The Police Presence means you’re more likely to fail and get caught.

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When you’re given the options to choose from, go for areas marked with high Traffic. This will help you gain much more experience much faster. You will start off with low-paying minor scams at first. Think of it like grinding in an RPG, and that’s basically what you’re doing. As you get more successful scams under your belt, you can go for bigger scores. Be sure to check the areas you’re running scams in for Police Presence. The more cops in a street, the more likely you are to get busted.’

Just manage these stats and be careful, and you should be a successful Scam Artist in BitLife in no time. That’s all you need to know about how to become a Scam Artist in BitLife.

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