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New Flight Simulator patch is coming

New Flight Simulator patch set to go live in a week

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched earlier this month, to very positive reception from genre and franchise fans. The game looks incredible, and all the modeling of real-world content had a lot of folks excited. Despite this excitement, there were some issues. Players were having issues getting optimal performance out of the game. To deal with some of these problems, we’re getting the first patch next week.

The developers have unleashed a new development update talking through some of their plans, as well as highlighting community creations. It’s all really cool.

The developer has already released a pretty extensive list of fixes that they’re tracking. Some of these will be deployed with the next patch, while some of the more complex fixes are due in later updates. These fixes are pretty extensive and cover a wide range of bugs and crashes. There are fixes for startup crashes and a bunch of optimization around the installation process. That’s one issue that many users have reported to having issues.

Some other minor changes address player concerns, like how the game will no longer automatically download packages that have been deleted through the content manager. And of course there are some specific performance enhancements as well. Name plates will not cause lag anymore, for example.

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There are other issues that players have reported that don’t seem to be addressed in this patch, however. For instance, folks quickly pointed out that the autopilot system in the game is really erratic, causing random pitches and rolls at times.

There are also some problems that may not be fixed right away, as they don’t affect gameplay. Some issues were spotted with the game’s tracking and rendering of real-time weather data, such as was spotted by players during the time Hurricane Laura was in the Gulf of Mexico in-game. For a short time, the game didn’t accurately replicate the real-world conditions of the storm. The cause of this issue is not clear, and the developers have yet to comment on it.

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