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Overcooked 2 getting into the Lunar New Year with new update

Overcooked 2 Chinese New Year Update

With the glut of in-game events in other games this month, to celebrate the Year of the Pig kicked off by the Lunar New Year, it looks like no developer really wants to be left out. That list of excited developers pushing out in-game events just got longer today with the announcement of a Lunar New Year event in Overcooked 2.

For those who somehow haven’t heard of the exceptionally chaotic and fun Overcooked 2, you’re in for a treat. This co-op title allows up to four players to take a stab at trying to run a restaurant, and things are quickly going to go pear-shaped. Only this kind of kitchen nightmare isn’t something even Gordon Ramsay could fix. As orders flood in for increasingly complex dishes, players have to juggle not only the difficult recipes, but the game itself repeatedly trying to send you down in a ball of flames. Have you ever tried to cook pizzas in a giant hot air balloon, only to have that ballon crash into a sushi restaurant, which you then have to take over and run? Of course you haven’t, but Overcooked 2 will let you live that fantasy.

Gushing about the game aside, let’s get back to the update. The developers are throwing in a ton of new ingredients with this update. There’s a bunch of themed challenges and recipes to contend with, all centered around the namesake events of the Chinese New Year. There’s also a bunch of new chef avatars which you invariably light on fire, totally by accident.

The most important addition by far is the new Survival mode. You have to survive an endless gauntlet of orders with a time limit cracking down on you. The only way to keep going is to continually serve correct dishes. If you thought the base game was too easy, it’s time to turn up the heat.

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Also included with the update, are a handful of bug fixes and quality of life changes. Arguably the most significant addition is the new replay button in the results screen. There’s also been some tweaks allowing to allow Survival mode to be played across any kitchen from the base game to the various DLC. Team17’s full rundown of the new content and improvements can be found here.

Team17 even released a new trailer for the update, which can be seen below. Said trailer features many of the pieces of new content headed to Overcooked 2 with this new update, go check it out. Overcooked 2 is out now on Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The new update is out now by the way.

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