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Banished 1.0.3 has more bug fixes on the way


The solo developer has a new patch on the way, as well as more plans for future content that should be very interesting. Banished 1.0.3 puts the game in a more refined beta state that fixes a few crashes and bugs but also stabilizes some elements. Players on high-population maps will be less likely to see certain bugs now.

Many players are still clamoring for mod tools to be added to the game. This genre of video games gets plenty of interest from modders who wish to add new buildings, crafting elements or other gameplay options in the base game. According to the developer, the focus, for now, is on fixing bugs and making the game stable, new content and the like will be coming later.

Banished 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Version 1.0.3 of Banished should be available soon. If you play on Steam, it will auto-update shortly. Those that bought from gog.comthe Humble Store or direct from the website will have to download the new version from whichever sales portal was used. It may take a few hours for the builds to go live – they were just sent a few minutes ago.

If you used humble bundle or direct from the website and can’t find your original download link, you can use the humble key resender to re-request the download link.

  • * Fixed a potential crash that could occur if two buildings overlapped.
  • * Fixed splitting or emptying herds from pastures. This will no longer cause small pastures to become overfull.
  • * Added an option to set the scale of status icons. This is useful in ultra-wide resolutions where the icons become large.
  • * Fixed a bug that caused large population cities to randomly unassign workers.
  • * Fixed a pause/lag that would occur as the game reassigned workers to new professions.
  • * Fixed a bug that allowed the edges of tunnels to overlap other buildings.
  • * Fixed an infinite loop that occurred using the path tool when a citizen couldn’t get from home to a workplace.
  • * Citizens without a workplace will once again do any job on the map. Citizens that have jobs will generally still stay near their workplace unless work to be done has been around for several months and no general laborer has done it.

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