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Warframe Guide: How to get Revenant

How to get Revenant in Warframe

We’re back once again here at ISKMogul with yet another Warframe guide. For you new folks in the back, Warframe is a free-to-play shooter made by Canadian studio, Digital Extremes. The game has earned a pretty good reputation over the years for delivering a truckload of fun and engaging content across a variety of expansions.

Plenty of Warframe players have some issues figuring out these complex mechanics. The common questions of “How do I unlock this Warframe?” and “Where do I find this item?” are very common questions in the community. So following our guides on farming and building Warframes like Ivara, Mesa, Vauban and others, here’s a new how to get a Warframe guide. That way players know exactly what to do.

Now we’re going to run through Revenant, one of the more interesting entries in the roster.

As the wiki describes him: “Once the warden of the plains, tasked with protecting the Unum’s tower and striking down the ghostly Eidolon forms that rose from the depths every night. Night after night, he cut them down. Not allowing them to take form. The one night, he disappeared, lost… forever.

The Returned is a mystifying and incredibly powerful Warframe. Enthrall uses an ability that turns enemies against their allies, resulting in a massive explosion when a Thrall is killed. Mesmer Skin is his primary defensive ability that applies stuns and reduces incoming DPS. Combine this with Enthrall for free Thralls. Reave is an added ability that allows Revenant to heal over time through a deadly leeching effect. Dense Macabre is his ultra-powerful AoE attack which can be used to both wipe out enemy packs and generate Overshield pickups for you and your team if you kill Thralls with the spinning beams.

Check him out in the trailer below.

The first step is farming the Blueprints. Revenant’s component blueprints are acquired from Bounties, which you can get from Konzu at Cetus. The Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems will all drop from different Bounties. Visit Konzu to see what missions he has available. Revenant’s main blueprint is a bit more direct.

The main BP drops during the Mask of the Revenant quest. To get access to this quest, you will need to reach the rank of Observer with the Quills. Mining, missions and any other activity that rewards Standing from trade-ins can be used to gain Standing to reach this rank. Additional main blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for 100,000 Standing.

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Once you have your BPs, it’s almost time to begin assembly. First, you need to be sure you have all of your components in order, especially if you want to rush through building the new frame.

First, let’s talk about the basic resources you will need to build Revenant. here’s the resources you will need, with the best missions to focus on to gain large amounts of them as quickly as possible.

  • Rubedo: Earth, Europa, Phobos, Sedna, Pluto and Orokin Void
  • Polymer Bundle: Venus, Mercury and Uranus
  • Salvage: Mars, Jupiter and Sedna
  • Iradite: Found throughout the Plains of Eidolon while mining.

Then there’s the rare drops.

  • Neural Sensors: Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress
  • Control Module: Void Missions are a good source for this, as are higher level missions on Europa and Neptune
  • Morphics: Mercury, Mars, Europa and Pluto
  • Intact Sentient Cores are dropped by Eidolon Vomvalysts while Exceptional Sentient Cores are dropped by Eidolon Teralysts, Eidolon Gantulysts and Eidolon Hydrolysts on the Plains of Eidolon, one for each Teralyst Synovia that is destroyed. A Flawless Sentient Core is dropped upon successfully capturing (not defeating) one of these enemies. Best to focus on hunts while also mining for standing if you’re looking for the easy route.

To assemble Revenant, you will need the following resources for each part, and some extras for final assembly:


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Morphics
  • 10 Intact Sentient Cores
  • 1500 Rubedo
  • 50 Iradite


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Neural Sensors
  • 15 Intact Sentient Cores
  • 6000 Polymer Bundle
  • 2200 Rubedo


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Control Modules
  • 3 Cetus Wisps
  • 8000 Salvage
  • 3000 Polymer Bundle

Full Frame

  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Revenant Chassis
  • 1 Revenant Neuroptics
  • 1 Revenant Systems
  • 1 Orokin Cell

Once you have all the Blueprints, head to the Foundry and start build. Although remember, it’s going to take time. Revenant is a fun frame to play with, so if you really want it, use your Plat to rush the construction if you can spare it. Also, check to make sure you have an open slot before beginning the build.

Warframe is free-to-play now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Digital Extremes just dropped the new Empyrean expansion, with the new Intrinsics system that makes you a more effective pilot of your Railjack. There’s also the new space battles that are tons of fun for a group to play in.

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