NBA 2K22 The City: Season 3 Iced Out All Rewards

What is City Slam mode in NBA 2K22?

Season 3 in NBA 2K22 has been loaded into the game.  This is called Iced Out, and it will grant a bunch of new rewards for dedicated players. Things are getting pretty festive, but there’s a definite wintery theme overall. Players can unlock jerseys, icons and more for their various game modes.

Hit up the MyCity menu to see your rewards and level for the season by going to Seasons, then Season Prizes. These rewards are all based on the overall seasonal progress. Every game you play will earn XP for your seasonal level. Online and offline play should contribute to this rank. As you get more levels, you unlock more interesting rewards.

All NBA 2K22 The City: Season 3 Iced Out rewards

Level Reward
1 White Iced Out T-Shirt
2 Iced Out basketball
3 New Player Indicator
4 New Player Banner Options
5 Tissot Watch
6 New Jumpshot Release Animation
7 New Season 3 Emotes
8 MyTeam Free Agent Giannis Antetokounmpo
9 2XP Coin (30 Minutes)
10 New Player Indicator
11 Gatorade Boosts (5 Games)
12 New Season 3 Emotes
13 New Player Banner Options
14 2K Breakthrough Gear (Arm Sleeve adds +1 to Interior Standing Dunk)
15 Season 3 Jewelry Pack
16 New Season 3 Emotes
17 2XP Coin (60 Minutes)
18 MyTeam Clutch Shooter Badge Pack
19 New Player Banner Options
20 New Season 3 Emotes
21 Iced Out Scarf
22 Skill Boosts (10 Games)
23 2K Breakthrough Gear (Arm Sleeve adds +1 to Ball Handle)
24 MyTeam Diamond Shoe Colorway Pack
25 New Season 3 Emotes
26 Enhanced Daily Rewards
27 New Player Banner Options
28 2XP Coin (60 Minutes)
29 Iced Out Ugly Sweater
30 Red Glider
31 2K Breakthrough Gear (Arm Sleeve adds +1 to Driving Dunk)
32 2XP Coin (120 Minutes)
33 Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
34 New Player Banner Options
35 Holiday Pack
36 MyTeam NBA Moments Player Pack
37 Iced Out Suit
38 2XP Coin (120 Minutes)
39 Extra Badge Point
40 Animated Iced Out Clothing Bundle

City Slam mode in NBA 2K22 is one of many side game modes added in the City content. 2K added these new modes to give single players something to sink their teeth into. It’s unclear if City Slam or any other modes will offer season progression or rewards. So while we don’t know a whole lot about it, we expect the rewards to be pretty nice.

But new game modes aren’t all the devs have planned. There’s a third season of post-launch content coming soon. NBA 2K22 Season 3 is going to get a little cold for the holidays. Season 3, titled: Iced Out, features holiday-themed rewards, new hoods, new animations, and a ton of new events. Expect MyCareer to get very festive.

The Season 3 Iced Out content will end on January 14, where the awards and game modes will go away.

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