What is Share Private Moments in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to Turn Nudity On or Off in BG3

Romance scenes in CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 can get pretty spicy. By default, the options hide nudity and other potentially offensive content from the player in both singleplayer and coop modes. There are options you can use to disable this block. Let’s talk about that, as well as one option players seem to be a bit confused by.

Go into Options and choose Gameplay from the various tabs. Here, you can hide clothes and turn on various options that improve the “experience”. If you’re the kind of player who is into that kind of thing, the game offers plenty of sexy options that avoid the need to install sketchy mods or customize the game at all.

Show Genitals and Show Cinematic Nudity can both be turned on here. They are off by default, so Twitch streamers and the like need not worry. Share Private Moments is another option in BG3 you can turn on. But it would seem that last option is a bit confusing to some. Keep reading to learn more about the nudity options in BG3 and what a very important one means.

Share Private Moments in Baldur’s Gate 3 Explained

The answer to your question is a bit esoteric from the setting, but the menu explains it pretty well.

By default, certain scenes are private. This means that in multiplayer, other players cannot witness your private moments. If you leave this option disabled, you can toggle each dialogue’s privacy setting.

What this actually means is two things. For one thing, all romance-related scenes will be hidden during cooperative play. Only the player experiencing them can see it. You will have to turn this option on to be able to share those intimate scenes. Be sure to ask your other players if they actually want to see this before doing so. Consent is important. Something else that may be of concern to some players is the ability to use romance in cooperative play. This is kind of dangerous territory, as not everyone will be on board with this. And Larian agrees, and that ties into the second implication of this setting.

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“Our relationship system is designed for romancing NPCs only,” Larian wrote in a recent blog post. “However, if you and your co-op partner both kiss your monitors at the same time, the static shock you’ll experience produces a heart-racing effect similar to the feeling of love.”

But anyway, back to explaining details about Share Private Moments in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s not just romance scenes this can apply to. Certain dialogue options might trigger spoilers, violent scenes or other things that some players may not wish to see. The game will warn you of this with a dialogue privacy option as you’re picking a choice. Just click the checkbox in the lower-left of the dialogue UI to keep a choice and the relevant outcome private.


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