How to change the camera in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is taking everything to 11. Ever since the first PlayStation release all those years ago, supping up your cars has been a big part of succeeding in races. And now that the franchise has come to the PS5, things are heating up. Not only can you change and alter the look and cosmetic parts of your car with thousands of paint colors and more, but there’s so much under the hood to be done. Beyond just making your cars faster, you will need to tune the UI and gameplay experience to your liking. Being able to change the camera in Gran Turismo 7 is a pretty important aspect of succeeding in racing.

How to change the camera in Gran Turismo 7

Everyone has their own personal preferences in any game for where the camera is located, and it’s vital in racing games. Being able to see the track and other cars around you is important for positioning, maintaining racing lines and more. You can choose between in-cockpit views if you want a sim-like experience, or overhead and behind views for a more arcade racing feel. But before you decide between the setting that suits you best, let’s talk about how to actually change the camera in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 offers a few different options you can pick from, and they’re pretty easy to swap between. You just need to be in a race to find out which one you like. This is actually pretty helpful as the best time to test a new camera angle is on the track. To cycle through the game’s various camera options, you’ll simply just need to press the R1 button to cycle through each one during a race.

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There are currently four options you can pick from. Here are the four camera positions you can use in GT7:

  • External rearview of the car
  • In the cockpit, as if you’re in the driver’s seat
  • On the front of the car, riding basically on the bumper
  • On the Hood

There are many other things you can customize as well. Your livery on your cars can obviously be tuned to your liking. There are just a lot of cars that you can tune and upgrade. Being able to customize the look of your driver is a new option this year as well. It’s even so detailed that you have to wash your cars.

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