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Pokemon Sword & Shield shows off new Pokemon & Gigantamaxing

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

The Pokemon Company  and Game Freak have released a new trailer for the upcoming mainline Switch titles, Pokemon Sword & Shield.

A big part of battles in this game is the previously revealed Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing systems. And as the name implies, these new forms make Pokemon into new super-powerful forms. All Pokemon can take advantage of Dynamax forms, which can be used a limited number of times, and offer a massive power boost. But only certain special members of a species can take advantage of Gigantamax forms. A big part of this system, in addition to the new Max Raid battles involving 3v3 teams of trainers, are the G-Max Moves.

If you want to see more of this new mechanic in action, check it out in the trailer down below.

And to go along with the new trailer, the developers also revealed a bunch of new Pokemon that will be part of the new Pokedex for the game. Yes, that same Pokedex that’s limited to 150 entries and that has a lot of hardcore fans up in arms. Pokemon Sword and Shield will introduce some new Pokemon that will be a great fit for these new moves.

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Some of the new roster announcements include, Duraludon is a Steel/Dragon type Pokemon, Yamper, an electric puppy Pokemon and more. You can use these new partners to do things like reusing lost Pokeballs that failed on a capture attempt, among many more abilities.

Other gameplay changes include version-exclusive trainers in Gym battles for one thing. The story of the game and its escalating challenges are also being woven together, with trainers who beat these tough opponents being able to take part in the Champion Cup of the Galar region.

If you want to learn more, head over to the official site for more news.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to launch on November 15 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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