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World Of Warships launches from port for Halloween update

World of Warships Halloween 2018 Update

The Halloween update for World of Warships is going live this week, and it’s all really weird and spooky.

The seas aren’t as tranquil as they used to be. The waters are filled with ominous mists. A green mist rises from the sea as ships take on a haunting visage. There are also a bunch of themed skins for various ships. Craft like the North Carolina, the Z-23, and the Mogami all have their own themes, some looking like they clawed their way from the bonds of Cthulhu, all look quite interesting. These new themes also feature animation for the first time.

This newest update for World of Warships is marked by a series of new content and additions that should please players and fans. For example, this patch is the first time players will get to control a submarine.

There’s a total of three new self-contained operations being added to the game with the Halloween update for World of Warships. Nine new ships from the British and Royal Navy are also being pushed out with this patch. The first mission is called Saving Transylvania. In this setup, you must escort the ship Transylvania across dangerous waters before battling your way out of an ambush from the Rasputin. . The second is Sunray in the Darkness, unlocking next week. Finally, Terror of the Deep will come out in two weeks, and it’s this last mission that allows players to jump to the helm of a submarine for the first time in the game.

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It all sounds really cool. Ducking and weaving a sub through a massive battle will be quite a lot of fun. And since World of Warships is a game known for a lot of different strategic layers, and these get more complex in the sub mission.

The Halloween Port for World of Warships is available now. For more on the update, check out the official announcement.

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