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Frontier announces roadmap for 2018 in Elite: Dangerous


The next twelve months are going to be busy for Frontier and Elite: Dangerous players and the game appears to be getting better and better as time goes on. Frontier launched its annual Frontier Expo today, and Elite was center stage with new updates and content. this next year is going to be nuts.

The major new feature that’s coming next year is the addition of Squadrons and the Fleet Carrier. The Fleet Carrier will operate as a mobile base and respawn point for player groups that band together to purchase one. Think of these Carriers like scaled-down versions of the player MegaShips already in the game. Although the Carriers will be easier to obtain, although with less features. We’ll also get new tools and communication setups to help coordinate and manage player Squadrons.

Players will also eventually see some revamping and streamlining of missions and industry, making progression a bit less of a grind.

Frontier will also be giving the game the game some graphical tweaks with a new lighting system and improved planets with surface diversity (see shots below). Q1 will include core feature enhancements and expand the narrative. It will also see crime and punishment being a lot tougher on players, new wing missions and improved trade data for accuracy. Frontier will also be revamping mining and engineers.

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Frontier are also working on making the universe more immersive for players. They’re working on a feature that will automatically read out GalNet news broadcasts to players, kind of like an AI newscaster.

A couple of new ships were revealed, the new Chieftan and the Krait. Seasoned Elite players will remember the Krait from the original game. New weapons are also coming to help fight against the Thargoid threat that continues to unfold.

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