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RimWorld brings the madness with it’s launch trailer


RimWorld, the space colony sim is finally out of it’s incredibly long Early Access period. It’s been Five and a half years, and the game has seen some massive improvements in that time. RimWorld is an absurd game in every possible way, and now that it’s fully out, players will get to enjoy the immense replayability and weird Dwarf Fortress-esque nonsense that happens in this game.

The launch trailer teases a bit of this tone with a whole shed load of weirdness that RimWorld fans know quite well. The trailer opens up with a developing colony and it showcases much of the interpersonal drama that would be rife in these kinds of high-stress environments. Teams of colonists try to build out their home amid various threats and conflicts, all of which can be replayed within your own colonies in the game. It’s all really fun to watch these stories take shape.

The viewer sees more of these elements over the course of the trailer. The drama heightens as more and more disturbing things occur. There are times wherein you need to sacrifice a character or see someone you’ve grown attached to perish for one reason or another. This tale of loss is constant through the gameplay in this particular sim.

As RimWorld has developed the gameplay has expanded in focus from a single isolated colony in a vacuum and transformed into a planet-spanning storytelling mechanism that can create massive roleplaying stories in organic fashion. And this same trend is what we see the trailer wrap up with.

You can check it out on Steam here or through its official website. The latest trailer for the game is also down below.

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