Dynamax Adventures in Crown Tundra Explained

Dyanamax Adventures in Crown Tundra Explained

Dynamax Adventures are new dungeon-crawling mechanic being added in the Crown Tundra expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The new system revolves around using a pre-configured team of Pokemon that will explore a cave system and work their way through a variety of Dynamax battles. Once you start the new DLC, you get access to the new feature.

Dynamax Adventures are integral to the new story in Crown Tundra. Players will be sent on their first one over the course of the main story, and will eventually unlock more. Once you clear the story, you also unlock the Endless version of the mode where you can take your rental team on an endless series of cave adventures.

In Dynamax Adventures mode, you can’t use your own Pokemon. Instead, you have to use rental Pokemon. So that’s the first challenge.

How to do well in Dynamax Adventures

There are two fail conditions for each Dynamax Adventure. If a battle goes on longer than 10 turns, you fail. If you have a total of 4 deaths, across all fights within the same attempt, you fail. You will take a few faints in the final battle, and yes it counts. So you can normally only afford a couple of faints on the path to the lair. You absolutely most plan ahead.

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The goal here is to capture Legendary Pokémon by raiding their lairs. Their lairs are a series of cave networks that end with the boss encounter. Each room in the cave has a chance to spawn random encounters and items. There will be multiple Dynamax battles going on in quick succession. You can look at the upcoming rooms on the map, so try to plan your type advantage a bit, and take advantage of NPC and item spawns when they pop up. You can tell which Pokemon you’ll be facing from the type and shadow in the purple fog. Move the map with the right stick to get a preview.

Try to diversify your team going into future rooms, that can help keep your team alive. That’s where berries and NPCs become vital. You need to prioritize routes that include Berry drops at some point.

Dynamax Adventures map layout

Check types in Dynamax Adventures

The core rewards from this are all about Dynite Ore and the various rewards you can trade it for. You can get between 4-11 Dynite Ore per each run. Runs end when your rental team faints. You can at least trade them away to keep going, but you can’t heal normally. You might want to learn how to heal in the new Dynamax Adventures.

Below is a chart that explains how much ore you get for each milestone.

Condition Ore Received
Investigate the den 4
Reach the innermost area (the Legendary Pokemon) 2
Catch the Legendary Pokemon 3
Complete the adventure without your Pokemon fainting 2

What does Dynite Ore do?

You can not only trade it for various items, you can also use it for various enhancements in the Raids. You can also trade Dynite Ore  Peonia in the left side of the start area. She will mark a Pokémon on your map for you for some Ore.

The big chase item is the Ability Patch, which costs 200 Dynite Ore. The Ability Patch is a new Item announced for the Crown Tundra DLC. This item will allow players to change a Pokemon’s Ability to a Hidden Ability. There’s another item called the Ability Capsule. The Ability Capsule, a similar item, only allows Pokemon to change between non-Hidden Abilities. It’s a slot machine for being OP in essence.

The Dynamax Adventure also requires four trainers to work together, so it makes for a solid choice if you’re hunting for the Legendary Pokemon that now feature in the game. Yes, in case you didn’t know, the expansion will allow players to hunt for various Legendaries from a bunch of older franchise games. Solgaleo, Lunala, Mewtwo, Giratina and more will all feature. There are more than 50 options heading into the game, dating all the way back to Gen 1.

How do Dynamax Adventures work in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra?

Image via Nintendo

Players are also getting more images on their Trainer Cards, so that’s nice for some cosmetic stuff if fans want it. Game Freak is also expanding the Cram-o-matic with some new options too.

The Crown Tundra expansion is set to release on Nintendo Switch on October 23, and Nintendo has also revealed that a new retail bundle for both games, which includes the DLC, will come out on November 6.

Check out more of the details about Dynamax Adventures, and other new features, in the Crown Tundra expansion.

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