Does Persona 5 Strikers have romance options?

Persona 5 Rotal Confirmed

Persona 5 Strikers is the newest spin-off Persona game, offering hardcore fans and Switch owners a chance to see the franchise in a new light. The game is not the traditional JRPG or dungeon-crawling fair of the mainline games. This new game follows the vein of Hyrule Warriors in that it’s much more like a story-driven fighting game.

The Phantom Thieves, led by Joker, will be headed out into the minds of their friends and various villains to get at the secrets they hold. Along the way, you have to fight your way through demonic legions that keep those secrets locked away. There’s also some amount of RPG mechanics in the game. It’s a laborious but fun game concept. But fans of the franchise have a question, namely about how important social links and Persona 5 Strikers romance options will be.

The simple fact of that matter is that, no, there are no romance options or quests in the game. There will be side quests involving getting to know certain characters as part of the Bond system, but that’s a different mechanic. Rather than building Social Links, you build your Bond with the overall group by completing side quests and getting to know your friends.

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There is a side quest or two that could be considered a date, but those don’t count. Since there is no Confidant system in the game, we’re looking at a vastly different game.

Should we expect more after launch?

Really it would be nice to see Persona 5 Strikers romance options added, but it’s probably not going to happen. If there is additional content added to the game, it will likely be just new quests or items, if anything at all. There’s very little chance, if any, that the game will get new systems in some kind of expansion. It’s very unlikely that the game is getting a full redesign to include new romance options or other stuff.

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