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Modders adding zombies to Red Dead Redemption 2

Zombies in Red Dead Redemption 2

Mods have long been the domain of cheaters and those seeking fun alike. Usually, the modders are just screwing around. Occasionally those enterprising programmers and creative types will add new or missing features into PC games as well. And sometimes modders really come through in the clutch, adding something that PC gamers really want in a video game. Which appears to be the case with Red Dead Redemption 2 and zombies.

The original game in the series had a special DLC called Undead Nightmare, and fans loved it. Hunting down zombies across a nightmare landscape was a blast, and fans were hopeful they would get to do it once again. Though according to the team behind the game, there were no plans to include a port of the classic zombie DLC in the new sequel. Multiple members of the team spoke up, confirming that RDR2 will not have a zombies mode anytime soon, and neither will Red Dead Online. But with a new mod, that’s changing for Red Dead Redemption 2, and in a good way.

Tarek Hamad (Online Producer on Red Dead Online) – It’s not something that we’re focused on right now. We’ve obviously just released Frontier Pursuits, so our focus is building on top of that and expanding the player’s experience in the world at the moment. But you know, we never say never, so we’ll have to see where the future goes.

Scott Butchard (Lead Open World Designer on Red Dead Online) – Anyone who’s taken a detour off the beaten path in Red Dead Redemption 2 will know the world has quite a few unexplained phenomena, and that’s something we’re keen to continue with in Red Dead Online, but we don’t have anything specific to share on that right now. Undead Nightmare was one incredibly fun idea we did with the original Red Dead Redemption, and we’ve been having fun with GTA Online every year at Halloween, but there’s so many possibilities and opportunities there that we haven’t begun to dig into just yet.

It’s a very early version of the mod, as just the basic behavior for the zombies is in right now. There are plans to include more complex behavior in the future. Modder jedijosh920 recommends checking on the dedicated Discord channel for Red Dead Redemption 2 modding for those who want to keep up with the efforts.

Check the mod out in action in a trailer down below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 only launched a few weeks ago on PC, but it’s had a few issues. The PC port was beset by a swarm of crashes, bugs and other issues from day one. Things got so bad that board and GPU partners were taking to social media to advise gamers on workarounds. Rockstar has tried to issue fixes, but issues remain for some users.

In terms of mods though, there are already a ton. Scripting has already been built into the core game to allow more expansive mods in the future. If you want to get right into the actual game, you can skip the prologue in Red Dead Redemption 2. And if you’re in the mood to screw around, a singleplayer trainer menu has been made too.

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