Returnal Console Commands and Cheats Guide

Returnal cheat codes and console commands

If you’re getting into Returnal, and you will want to if you like shooters that challenge the player. This game is pretty tough, and it’s not meant to be easy. There are tons of weapons to find, as well as bosses to fight. But if you’re having trouble getting used to it, there are ways to help. Returnal cheats can do that. Here are the current Returnal cheats and the effect they have.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this. These cheats can be pretty detrimental to game balance. Also, you will need a USB keyboard for this. Finally, there is a potential for these to crash your game. Make sure to enter them properly and not abuse them too much to try and avoid that.

How to use Returnal cheats

To use cheats in Returnalplug in a keyboard into your PS5. Once the keyboard is connected, you’ll be able to enter commands. Yes, you really do need to connect a USB keyboard to the console for this to work. It’s kind of annoying, but if you have a cheap USB keyboard as most nerds do, you should be fine.

Once you have the keyboard plugged in, it’s time to get going. Each of these codes is basically a debug command that allows the player to get weapons and move around certain areas of the map. There’s a pretty easy way to abuse this. You can simply spawn powerful weapons and then sell them at the shop or buy new ones. You can also take advantage of the Derelict Citadel warp with the last code to get around the restrictions on the fast travel system.

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Keep in mind that these codes can be patched out at any time. The developer may feel these things are a bit too easy to break the game with. Also, there’s a chance that these codes could cause your game to crash. If you enter these codes incorrectly, it could also cause a hang or crash, watch out for that.

Here are the current Returnal cheats and console commands:

  • SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+1: Spawns various weapons based on the currently equipped weapon. You can alter what weapon you get by pressing a different number on the keyboard.
  • SHIFT+CONTROL+4: Respawns the player at the shop, resetting the inventory.
  • SHIFT+CONTROL+8: Respawns the player at the opening section of the third biome.
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