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Legion League Guide: Master Path of Exile’s 3.7.0 Patch

Path of Exile Legion
This guide will be continually updated with new information as we get closer to the launch of Path of Exile: Legion.


Path of Exile: Legion takes the concepts laid out in leagues like Breach and iterates on them, mostly by adding more monsters and loot. But that new league mechanic is just the very tip of the Path of Exile 3.7 iceberg. Grinding Gear Games has made it clear that Legion and the 3.7 patch will be a very major change to the game, much like 3.6 was.

The Legion and the Monoliths

This is the core mechanics of Legion. You will find Monoliths dotted around the lands of Wraeclast. These are your links to the Domain of Timeless Conflict, the site of the battle between the five Legions. We can expect each Legion to have their own quirks as well as their own weaknesses. The idea is simply to activate the Monoliths, this starts a timer. During said timer, the player must damage as many of the enemies that are frozen in place as they can. Once the timer runs out, damaged enemies unfreeze and attack the player, giving you a chance to kill them for good. Completing this challenge will grant loot and other rewards. Let’s talk about that loot next

Splinters and Emblems

Just like Breach league, each of the factions in Legion have their own Splinters which can be combined to unlock access to a special “boss” encounter. However, this isn’t quite the same as in Breach. The major addition with this new release is the fact that the iconic Map Device is changing. Once a player manages to assemble all five of the Emblems, they can be slotted into an upgraded version of the map device to take on the Legions in their home turf.


These special items will slot into gear and create an incubating property on that item, allowing a player to gain a special reward for using that item.

Here’s the basics of what we know about them so far:

  • Incubators come in various types, and will cause a special condition to occur once a set number of “credits” has been accrued.
  • “Credits” are gained anytime EXP is generated from a monster kill, and are shared across parties.
  • Both Incubators and gear with an applied Incubator will be tradeable.
  • Types of items dropped vary wildly, with a particular focus on Currency items, although other things are possible.
  • Incubated Divination cards ignore the area you’re in at the time of the drop, giving players a completely random chance at acquiring any type of card.
  • Incubator items will not stack. GGG intends to make these items very rare.

Legion Jewels

These Jewels are not like the other Jewels that can be slotted into the Passive Skill Tree. These corrupting Jewels offer a way to actually modify the properties of the Passives in the Skill Tree to create completely new build options. There are Legion Jewels which modify the minor Passives, and even a Legion Jewel which reworks every Passive, even Keystones.

These special items so far exist in five flavors, with only one having been revealed by GGG.

Melee Combat Rework

Much like how 3.6 completely changed spells and self-casting for POE, 3.7 is set to bring a trove of tweaks to the meta-game for this ARPG. The entire game is about to change for melee skills, and it’s not just a stats rework either. Here are the broad strokes for the new animation changes, as well as some changes to combat in general:

  • Movement skills activate instantly
  • Movement/dodging skills are now available at earlier levels
  • Animations can be interrupted
  • Animation overhauls (swinging your weapon right to left will have the next attack coming from left to right, as opposed to returning to a neutral pose)
  • Melee targeting  changed so that holding the mouse button will let you keep attacking enemies as long as it’s held down
  • Melee attacks can now hit entire mob packs
  • Animations are displayed so that longer range weapons have more noticeable animations
  • Accuracy is no longer capped at 95%
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Ascendancy nodes for builds like Slayer, which already got a huge nerf in 3.6 with Leech changes, are set to change again in the 3.7 patch. The full Ascendancy rework for POE 3.7 has affected the following Ascendancy classes:

  • Berserker
  • Champion
  • Chieftain
  • Gladiator
  • Slayer

Boss Rebalance

Part of redesigning melee combat involves making the enemies and bosses you face in POE work with the new system. For one thing, many enemies and bosses are being given new AI routines, completely changing the fights, bosses on Lava Lake, Belfry, Sunken City and Basilica maps have been tweaked for Path of Exile 3.7.

Then there’s the rebalance of story bosses that GGG has teased as well. The focus here on streamlining the early game is very welcome, especially for new players that aren’t used to gaming Hillock or Hailrake. People are in for a surprise this patch.

Build Selection

The idea of picking a starter build for Path of Exile: Legion is incredibly important. We’re going into more detail about this soon. We’ll also put out a starter build list for Path of Exile: Legion.

For one thing, Cyclone and other melee skills have scaling damage ranges as well as new timings.Part of this is due to the animation changes making it so that hit animations reflect what targets they’ll actually hit. And it’s reasonable to assume that many more skills than Cyclone are being changed to Channeling skills.

Tools For Legion


Currency & Trading:




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