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Apex Legends: How to Self-Revive, and where to find the best loot

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a complex game, one made even more perplexing to new players due to the mountain of gear, upgrades and abilities that dot the game world. And with different loot tiers in terms of rarity, players are sure to try and and find any way they can to gain an advantage over their competition.

One of those advantages comes in the form of revives. Normally Apex Legends only allows another team member to revive a downed player. However, there is an item in the game that a solo player can use to stay in the fight. Under the right circumstances, this special ability can turn the tide of an engagement, so you’ll want to keep your eyes out for it.

In order to gain the self-revive ability, players will need to find a legendary Knockdown Shield.This one-use item allows the player to bounce-back from a potential death, but the Legendary is lost on use. Finding this won’t be easy, because it’s a single Legendary in the entire loot table, so don’t expect to get one more often than once every few matches.

There are some other great Legendary Gear items to look out for though, here’s the full list:

  • Legendary Backpack – Fast Heal: Healing items take half as long to use.
  • Legendary Body Shield – Executioner: Finishers fully regenerate shield.
  • Legendary Helmet – Fast Charge: Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time.
  • Legendary Knockdown Shield – Resurrection: Can self-resurrect once. Ability consumed upon use.
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To aid players in finding rare spawns, like the Knockdown Shield, the Twitter account for the game shared a handy color-coded map. Said map shows the potential spawn areas for different tiers of loot drops, although it’s not guaranteed, these zones translate to a higher chance at getting a certain rarity of drop.

And in the case of finding Legendary-level loot, it’s even harder. One potential source is the scattered supply drops, as these are known to carry gold tier (Legendary) items. It is also possible for a Legendary Knockdown Shield to spawn with Lifeline’s care package, though it is far less likely compared to supply drops.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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