Let Ring The Piercing Note Puzzle Guide

Let Ring The Piercing Note Puzzle Guide

Once you have complete the main story of the new Crown Tundra DLC, you will be sent into one final encounter. There are some ruins in one part of the region that contain the legendary Registeel. You need to go there and figure out how to get through all of the puzzles to face the encounter. This requires you to have unlocked the other Clues first, so go do that if you haven’t.

On the West edge of Giant’s Bed is the first Legendary ruins you will find a giant stone door. The door you find there reads “Let ring the piercing note that will make the giant of steel”. That’s your clue for the puzzle up ahead. It’s a very simple puzzle, you just need to whistle in the right spot to unlock the next door and fulfill the Let Ring The Piercing Note requirement.

Click in the left stick to let out a whistle. Once you’re close enough to the door and do this, it should unlock for you. Then simply head inside, stand on all the light nodes and whistle on each one. It’s time to save the game and then being the encounter with Registeel by interacting with the statue on one side of the room.

Various other tasks and puzzles exist in the game. Finding some new Legendaries means you need to hunt Pokémon footprints for Sonia, and that’s just one. Another side quest involves getting to prove yourself as a dependable Trainer for claiming Fwoofy. The main story itself is all centered around the Dynamax Adventures, which centers on taking on Legendary Raids.

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You might want to take this opportunity to check out some of our other Crown Tundra guides. You want to start by getting to the new DLC. Then, you may want to learn what Dynite Ore is and what it does. If you’re into the endgame you might want to know about the mechanics of healing in Dynamax Adventures.

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