Genshin Impact Basics Guide

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions Guide

Here is a guide that answers pretty much any question you have about the new gacha game, Genshin Impact. Every major question that we could possibly answer about this game will be contained in this master guide.

What platforms is Genshin Impact on?

Genshin Impact, the action-RPG from miYoHo is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. There are hopefuls among the fanbase for the game of a port to other consoles, like the Switch. Although nothing has been announced yet. The game also supports cross-platform play. Just log into the miYoHo account in-game to access these options.

PC, Android, or iOS also have access to the ability to move saves between platforms. All you need to do is link the relevant platform with your miYoHo account when you want to move a save game over.

Genshin Impact Basics Guide

Does Genshin Impact have multiplayer?

There are some multiplayer options in the game, but they may be restricted depending on your platform of choice.  PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android players have access to a co-op mode. In order to access Co-op mode, you must have a minimum Adventure Rank of 16. That means you need to level up through the story first. You can have up to four players in a given party. If you have less than four players in a match, players may be responsible for multiple party members.

Abyssal Domains, Ley Line Outcrops, Commissions, and boss fights can all be done in co-op. There are certain types of content you cannot do in multiplayer though, like Story missions, running the Spiral Abyss, and making offerings to Statues of the Seven will be locked to the host only.

How do you get new weapons and gear in Genshin Impact?

Crafting in this game is one of many complex mechanics. Firstly, you need to know where you can find weapons. Wishes can drop ultra-rare weapons and other gear for characters, there’s also a chance of getting them via loot from battle. Chest may sometimes be found in the wild with items and gear as well.

If you want to craft though, start by heading to Mondstadt. Once there, find the Blacksmith, who will then give you a quest to do. You will need to find him some basic Iron Ore. This can be found anywhere out in the wild. You want to look for large boulders as these can often be broken to contain various ores. Find some and smash them for a quick completion.

You will often find other resources out in the wild via loot and chests. Take these back to the Blacksmith after completing his initial quest to unlock more items and have them made. Many of the better pieces of equipment are locked behind boss fights though, so be prepared to put in some work.

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How do you get new items in Genshin Impact

How do you get new characters?

You will encounter a variety of bosses and enemies in Genshin Impact during your adventure. Eventually, you will need to find some new party members to take them on, thanks to the Elemental system. Getting new characters is easy, it’s the process of equipping them properly that’s a little more complicated.

Open up the Party Screen in the menu and look over your options. As you use Fate to make Wishes and get new characters, you will see this menu populate. Each character has their own stats and unique abilities. Check them over in the Party Screen to see if there are any holes in your party composition that you can fill. Click on the character you want to bring into your party, and pick the character you want to switch them out for.

Anytime you want to change out their gear or remove them from the party, this is the place to do it.

Can you cook in this game?

Yes, Genshin Impact has a very complex cooking system with dozens of ingredients and recipes to be uncovered. There’s even a mini-game for getting optimal impact for each dish for your party. Here’s our guide on cooking in Genshin Impact.

How do you get more Wishes?

Here’s our guide on getting more Wishes in Genshin Impact.

What is the Elemental System?

The Elemental system in Genshin Impact has a few different facets to it. There’s Resonance, where you can combine Elements to buff your party. Reactions can create interesting effects that alter combat significantly. The system has an overall impact on combat, where enemies can be resistant to damage or weak to it. Enemies also can have their own unique elemental attacks and effects. Here’s our guide to the full Elemental system in the game.

How do you revive fallen party members?

How do you revive fallen party members?

On PC the system is a little streamlined. Any downed party member can be revived by just clicking their icon, assuming you have a revival item. On other platforms you have to go through your inventory and find a food or healing item that will work, then use it on a fallen friend. There are specific items you can use in your inventory to revive, it’s a good idea to try and memorize what food items can do this, and make sure to cook those when you get a chance.

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