Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – Champion Nemona Battle Guide (Victory Road)

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Alfornada Gym Rival Fight

You face Champion Nemona throughout the course of the game, and she levels alongside you. She’s actually a super-strong Trainer and will quite the challenge by the time she takes you on at the end of the Victory Road storyline. After you take down the likes of Director Clavell, things get a lot more challenging before you can access the post-game and the true ending.

Just like the Champion, Nemona’s party is varied, meaning she has no one counter for all her Pokémon. She’s a strong Trainer, and you need to know full well what you’re up against to win. Keep reading to learn how to beat her, claiming final victory in the Victory Road quest.

How to beat the final Champion Nemona battle

The team you’re going to face won’t be easy if you’re not prepared. Bring plenty of healing items and be ready to swap in solid counters when she subs in her new poke in each round.

Here’s the full breakdown of her team:

Rival Champion Nemona Team
Pokémon Level Type Weakness
Lycanroc () Lv.65 Rock Water (x2), Grass (x2), Fighting (x2), Ground (x2), Steel (x2)
Orthworm () Lv.65 Steel Fire (x2), Fighting (x2), Ground (x2)
Pawmot () Lv.65 Electric/Fighting Ground (x2), Psychic (x2), Fairy (x2)
Goodra () Lv.65 Dragon Ice (x2), Dragon (x2), Fairy (x2)
Dudunsparce () Lv.65 Normal Fighting (x2)
Meowscarada () Lv.66 Grass/Dark (Tera Type: Grass)
  • Original: Bug (x4), Fire (x2), Ice (x2), Fighting (x2), Poison (x2), Flying (x2), Fairy (x2)
  • Tera: Fire (x2), Ice (x2), Poison (x2), Flying (x2), Bug (x2)
Skeledrige () Lv.66 Fire/Ghost (Tera Type: Fire)
  • Original: Water (x2), Ground (x2), Rock (x2), Ghost (x2), Dark (x2)
  • Tera: Water (x2), Ground (x2), Rock (x2)
Quaquaval () Lv.66 Water/Fighting (Tera Type: Water)
  • Original: Electric (x2), Grass (x2), Flying (x2), Psychic (x2), Fairy (x2)
  • Tera: Electric (x2), Grass (x2)
  • None

Champion Nemona Counters

It’s strongly recommended to be Level 66 or higher to take this fight on. All of her team is at least level 65, so being a bit higher than this is a good thing to have. Now, let’s talk about the best counters for her team members.

You will also need to know her team’s composition to bring her down. Lycanroc is a super fast and evasive Pokemon, and you will want your fastest possible Water or Fighting Pokemon to take it out. Azumarill is a great option, go with a move like Superpower that’s guaranteed to hit to bring this first one down. Watch out for Stealth Rock, as it will do tremendous damage to any Pokemon you inevitably sub in. Be ready with Hyper and Max Potions to heal when you need to.

Orthworm was next, and a good Fire-type is a good counter to its Steel. Charizard or Arcanine are both good options with high Speed stats that can easily take it down faster than they take severe damage.

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Goodra can be countered with something that Dragon-type moves, which is where Charizard and its Dragon Breath. It managed to Paralyze the Goodra before it took too much damage, making it pretty clutch. Other tanky options like Daragapult work well. Sylveon is another choice as well.

Dudunsparce is up next. I brought a sacrificial choice like Raichu that managed to get a Paralyze on her team before getting KO’d, allowing me to swap in the actual counter. I set up the final fight by using Primeape and its Fighting-type moves to finish Dudunsparce. During this phase, I also healed Charizard from its battle with Orthworm to setup the finish. Azumarill can be a good backup if your main Fighting-type is already down, provided it has Superpower PP left.

Pawmot comes next, Donphan was able to easily counter it thanks to Earthquake. Anything with Ground moves will wreck this fight. Gardevoir can be good here as well.

Once you’ve taken out the rest of the team belonging to Champion Nemona, you’re facing your rival’s Tera Pokemon.

In my case, it was Meowscarada, which can be pretty threatening if you don’t out-speed it. I did sub in Charizard to eat the first attack and get off a Fire Blast to damage her Meowscarada. I then finished it off with my Skeledirge. Corviknight can be used as a backup if you have it, as can Charizard with a Flying move and Fire moves.

If you’re struggling with previous areas of the game, we’ve got guides on a lot of things in Scarlet and Violet. Beating the Path of Legends via the Stony Cliff Titan, Open Sky Titan, Lurking Steel Titan, Quaking Earth Titan,  and finishing with the False Dragon Titan. Then there are all the Gym challenges to get here. Basic fights like Iono are pretty easy. But it’s gets more challenging.  The Water Gym Leader Kofu is a real tough battle. Larry the Normal Gym Leader, Ryme the Ghost Leader, getting deeper in your face at the Psychic Gym. Then finishing off with the Ice Gym. And amid all of that is the Team Star storyline. Beating Team Star bosses GiacomoMela, Atticus, Ortega and Eri are all pretty strong. The secondary guides for Scarlet and Violet can be helpful too. You might want to learn about Breeding Pokemon, the Triple Masuda method, as well as how feathers work.

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