How to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

How to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

As a new JRPG, Tales of Arise is a great game and has a bunch of interesting characters and enemies. The players can build their ideal adventuring party and go out and slay monsters. These games often have many different party members in them, and sometimes you need to change things up. The game will often throw bosses at you that require changing your gear and abilities. There are many different aspects to the game. Crafting is also part of the game. JRPGs love handing out solid gear to upgrade your characters with. This guide will tell you how to get one of the rarest items, Beast Mane in Tales of Arise. You might also want to check on how to get Demihuman Talon, another useful item.

The gameplay is fast and furious, and rather stylized. Players will encounter a beautiful world filled with all kinds of battles in this new Bandai Namco JRPG. Check out more details in the trailer below.

Now, onto the guide on how to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise.

How to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise

This particular item is a rare boss drop that you will have to hunt down for a certain recipe. One of the mini-bosses in the game will be the Ice Wolf Leader, that’s where you need to go to get this item. The item can then be used to craft the special weapon, Gale Wing for one of the party members.

Here is where to get Beast Mane in Tales of Arise:

  1. Pass through Rudhir Forest on your way to Cysloden
  2. Fight the Ice Wolf Leader
  3. When defeated, Ice Wolf Leader will drop 2 Beast Manes
  4. Turn the Beast Mane into a forge to make Gale Wing.
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You need to head through the Rudhir Forest zone to find this boss. The mini-boss is located in an arena at the end of the zone, nearby to a merchant. When you see the merchant near the end of the zone, the next area has the Ice Wolf Leader in it. Be sure to stock up on healing items before heading in. Life Bottles and other items will be very important here.

When you enter the final area, a cutscene will play and Ice Wolf Leader will spawn along with two Ice Wolf adds. Bring your fastest party members and use as many mid-range combos as you can. Fighting this boss can be made a lot easier if you prepare to keep away from his claws and bites as much as possible. When the boss starts firing off ice attacks, always try to dodge out of their way.

Also, always take out the adds first. The two extra targets are just an annoyance, and are best taken out early. After you knock them out, focus all your abilities on hitting the glowing orange weak spot on the boss.  Fire-based attacks will do plenty of damage here, so make liberal use of them.

If you manage to take the boss down, you get two Beast Mane in Tales of Arise for your forging needs.

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