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Temtem dev bans 900 accounts in first cheater banwave


Crema, the developer of the new smash-hit MMO on Steam Early Access, Temtem, has just had its first major banwave. More than 900 accounts were caught up in the purge. The developer justified these bans as a crackdown on ongoing cheaters. This is a major concern in this game as it’s an online game where cheating can and would ruin the experience for other players if you say, cheated in a battle.

“We just completed our first batch of banned users. Almost 900 players have been permanently banned from Temtem. Bans are final, we won’t answer or review any ban appeal,” said the official Temtem Twitter account. Users criticized this approach though, calling it unfair and prone to errors. The lack of an appeals process was a particular sticking point to many. So in response, Temtem’s developer went through a manual review, looking at many of the accounts banned and checking for cheating. The developer said they will continue banning players for cheating and using exploits, so let this serve as fair warning, a few mistakes won’t mean that Crema will loosen their grip.

“The team spent all morning checking banned accounts and player accounts saying ‘they didn’t do anything illegal’. We re-checked over 100 accounts,” explained the developer in a new post to Twitter. “Every single one of them was a legit ban.” The company, Spanish developer Crema, went on to highlight that they are working on refining their review and ban process too.

And the company has also said that unintentional use of bugs won’t earn a ban. “Only players intentionally and repeatedly ABUSING exploits are banned,” says Crema. The developer has spent a lot of time developing a process to prevent false bans, so it’s nice to see them clarifying their process for the players. Finally, the developer announced that an appeal process will be implemented to make dealing with false bans easier.

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