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What is Merit in Roblox Project Star?

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Project Star offers players the ability to create and modify their own Skill Trees as they progress through this new Roblox adventure. Along with all the different mechanics, there’s a lot to learn about how to make a character. As you spend resources, you can progress in the various skill trees. There are three Skill Trees accessible to players at the moment— Stand, Combat, and Character. Each one offers attributes and ability unlocks for your various playstyles.

When you’re mucking about with the skill trees, you might notice some stats that aren’t readily explained. One of these is called Merit. Here’s what you need to know about Merit in Roblox Project Star.

Merit is one of the five origin attributes in the character tree. The others being Defense, Vitality, Agility, and Experienced Fighters. You can unlock various stat boosts and new abilities by pumping up these stats. But since the game is so new, things are a little confusing. Players seem pretty confused by just want Merit is, and there’s no clear description in the game’s menus.

That’s for a good reason, and it makes sense given the alpha state of the game. Merit in Roblox Project Star is part of some unfinished mechanic. The developers have not added the full system in the game yet, so it basically does nothing. It seems counterintuitive, but that’s the state of the game right now. When the Merit system has a use, we can hope the developers explain it in-game. For now, just rest assured that your points put into this ability are not totally going to waste.

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