How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife

The weekend is roaring and the heat is soaring, and that means you’re getting confronted with another weekly challenge in CandyWriter’s mobile life sim.  BitLife loves to throw a ton of options at players. The mobile sim has a lot of different choices you can make. The path you take through life can be one of just a listless bum, but some people have higher ambitions. The Snowbird Challenge in BitLife is a bit more extreme with the lavish lifestyle, and the challenge certainly wants you to come prepared. Keep reading to learn all the things you need to do to earn this unique reward.

How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife

The Snowbird Challenge in BitLife has a few unique steps to get done, and they won’t all be that easy. The real work is in getting the later steps done, which require a fair bit of startup capital or some solid prep. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Be born in Canada
  • Emigrate to Aruba
  • Purchase a houseboat in Aruba
  • Purchase & fully upgrade a villa in Aruba
  • Rent out more than five fully-upgraded properties in Aruba

The first objective in the Snowbird challenge is to be born in Canada. While creating a new character, choose Toronto, Montreal or any other Canadian city listed in the list of possible starting locations. Once you’ve made your character, the real work begins.

You will need a lot of in-game cash to get the later steps of the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife done, so focus on getting a good degree and a great job first. So, get a high-paying job like becoming a doctor, software engineer, or a CEO. Having a nice stack of cash will make later steps in this challenge so much easier. You will likely need to head to Med School, Law School or another post-grad University to get this step done. Be prepared for the long haul by starting with a high Smarts stat and taking regular trips to the library, as well as studying hard. This will make earning your necessary degree so much easier. Spend a few years in this profession and bank a cool few million dollars, and you’re ready to hop into the relaxing side of life.

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Like the Globetrotter achievement, you need to jump around to new and different places. You will end up in the idyllic island locale of Aruba. To get there, you need to emigrate. Go to the Activities tab and choose the Emigrate option. In the next window, pick Aruba as your destination. Pay the fees and you will soon find yourself in your new home.

Now begins the spending spree. You will be buying both a home and a luxurious yacht, so I hope you brought plenty of cash. Buying a Houseboat in Aruba can be a bit more awkward though, as you will likely have a bit more work ahead of you to find one.

The last request in the series of requests is to spend some of that hard-earned money on and fully upgrade a villa in Aruba. Like the other purchases you’re going to make, head to the Assets tab, and look for a Villa type of house by browsing the Real Estate section. You need to purchase a Villa, for 2-10 million. This steep price tag is also without any upgrades you make later, hope you have a lot of cash built up. Once you’ve made the initial buy, Select the Upgrade option for the villa in the Assets tab to begin putting money into expanding it. Do it until you get the checkmark for this step in the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife.

From here, it’s a simple matter of buying a few more properties until you meat the final tally of five five fully-upgraded properties in Aruba. Just repeat the steps above and you’ll be golden.

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