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Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Build 41 has changed a bunch of elements of the zombie game. When you get to play Build 41, you may notice things are changed quite a bit. The world itself is basically the same as it has always been. Players will have to survive the undead hordes and try to eek out an existence using the scraps and items they find in the world.

You can go out and scavenge items from the world, and it’s tons of fun dodging the undead. But to build a new base and survive, you need to put more effort in and start making more complex items. Getting most items is done in two ways. You can either craft some materials and items or loot them from the world.

With some items, things are a bit more complex than others. Some new players will find out that certain items can’t be found as random spawns. This is the case with Chipped Stone, a useful crafting material.

How to Get Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid

Chipped stones cannot be found in the world and can only be obtained through foraging. It can be found at level 0 in foraging, finding only 1 at a time.

This means you need to work out where you can find it on your own to some degree. Forage locations are pretty random in the game world, given the game’s spawn mechanics. You can go out into the forested areas of a map and use your forage ability. The drops from doing this will be random, but you will eventually get Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid.

It takes 15 seconds to complete a single forage, and each item has its own timer as well. You can speed up your gathering by altering the Nature’s Abundance setting in the game settings. Here are the settings and what they impact on the number of spawns per each forage action:

  • Very poor – 1 – 10
  • Poor – 3 – 13
  • Normal – 5 – 15
  • Abundant – 7 – 17
  • Very abundant –  10 – 20
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What can you make? It’s simple, there are a few items you can use with Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid. Chipped stones are only used to craft a stone axe, wooden spear and notched wooden plank. That doesn’t make it entirely useless though, it’s a good stop-gap material. Here ar the items you can make and the recipes you should use.

  • Stone Axe – 1x Chipped Stone, 1x Tree Branch, 1x Ripped Sheets/Twine
  • Wooden Spear – 1x Tree Branch, 1x Chipped Stone
  • Notched Wooden Plank – 1x Chipped Stone, 1x Log/Plank

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