How to move cities in BitLife

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CandyWriter has made a pretty unique life sim with their mobile game, BitLife. The game is all about handing the chaos and randomness of life with a totally randomly generated character. The developer encourages players to explore and put effort into their plans. You want to live a life of a model or superstar actor? You can in this game. But if you don’t like the hand you get dealt, you can always change it. This guide will lay out the two most common ways you can move cities in BitLife.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s possible to pick the city and country you start in. If you’ve purchased the God Mode addon for the app, you can customize the starting stats and location of your character. If you’re a Bitizen, this is a good thing to have if you plan to play the game a lot. Not only is it great for character customization, but it also opens up new gameplay opportunities.

How to move cities in BitLife

To move cities in BitLife, you will need to use the Emigrate option under Activities. You will then be given an option to change to a new country. There is no option just to move to a different city, you just have to roll the dice. Emigration is the method most players will use to change countries, as well as move cities within a new country. This is a somewhat expensive process, and you also need to be legally approved to do so.  if you do get denied, you can go illegally, but there’s a chance of being caught and sent back to your home country.

And if you don’t like where you get sent, you can always move back. If you do this, you will be sent back to the city you just left, so keep that in mind.

The choice you do is up to you, and will depend on how you’re playing the current character. Also, some weekly challenges may require certain steps to complete tasks. And if they involve changing cities, make sure to pay attention to the wording and use the correct method. There are a few unique paths you can take to emigrate, and they may be involved in certain challenges, so keep reading to find those out.

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Other Methods

There’s another special and long-winded way to move cities, and even jump ship to another entire country. And that’s ratting on a mafia family. This process involves building up a nice bit of reputation with your chosen criminal gang, and then turning on them. Spend a few years stealing cars and putting in hard work to get a good Standing in the family. You can do all of these by clicking on the Mafia rank within the Job menu, and choosing the Crime or Work Harder options. Stealing cars and extortion are often the safest ways to earn a nice flow of cash for the family. You can potentially even reach the rank of Soldier or Capo before you flip, but it’s not required.

When you get busted for a major crime, like bank robbery, you will be given the option to flip on the family and become a confidential informant. You will then be given a few years to build a case against your family. You then need to use the Mafia menu and choose the Snitch option by clicking on each family member. Focus on the members you have the best relationship with, and make sure to whack anyone who finds out what you’re doing when given the option. Within a few years, you should have enough evidence to flip on the family and put them behind bars.

The problem with this approach is that it is very reliant on good RNG keeping you alive. While you’re gathering evidence to build your case, you need to get lucky in whacking anyone that finds out you’re an informant. But if you succeed, you will be placed in the Witness Protection program, and be able to choose a new country to move to.

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