How To Get Mod Components In Destiny 2

How To Get Mod Components In Destiny 2

The gear system in Destiny 2 is very complex. With weapons having both base stats and random rolls, there’s a ton of variation. The system can be further enhanced by slotting Mods into weapons and armor and take advantage of improvements to things like weapon handling, reload speeds, how much damage you can take, and recovery cooldowns. Players will need a steady supply of Mod Components in Destiny 2 to take advantage of the system though.

You will also need Mod Components In Destiny 2 in order to be able to buy Legendary mods from Banshee at the Tower. Mod Components in Destiny 2 also have their own rarity pools. The Legendary Mods in Destiny 2 are rather powerful, and vital for endgame. Players will find themselves rolling through a lot of farming to get Mod Components in Destiny 2 and the Legendary Mods that they make.

Mod Components In Destiny 2

The Legendary Mods and Legendary items are really useful because they unlock new Perks for your gear. So if you need a damage boost or something, this is how you get it. There are a few different ways to get your hands on Mods and Mod Components. The basic way is just to buy it. You can buy a random Weapon or Armor mod from Banshee-44 for two mod components and a thousand Glimmer.

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Mods primarily come from either Gunsmith and vendor packages, or as part of drops from some missions. Basically just play the game and you will get mods. The more tough the mission, the more powerful the mod. You can then take these Mods and break them down into Mod Components. Go to your inventory, then click on the middle icon to open up the mod window and start breaking things down.

The rarity of the mod is also important in other ways. You can take three mods of the same type that are Rare and convert them into a Legendary variant of the same mod. Rare mods can be broken down for a small dose of Glimmer. You can also break down older legendary weapons, as they can drop some mods too.

Once you have managed to collect some mod components in Destiny 2, it’s time to put them to use. Use them to create the mods you do want.

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