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Google Stadia Terraria port canceled


Some bad news for Terraria fans and Stadia stans. The port of that RPG has now been canceled. And frankly, the circumstances around the Google Stadia Terraria port being canceled are rather strange.

Google has apparently banned the account belonging to the developer, locking them out of all their services. Google has blocked all of the accounts of both Re-Logic, the game’s developer, and Andrew Spinks, one of Terraria’s head programmers. The developer posted on Twitter that they had been locked out of the YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive and Gmail accounts. It’s a very random and strange occurrence and has come out of nowhere.

The bans even extend to the Re-Logic YouTube channel, which means users can no longer stay in touch with videos and news from the developer as easy. The channel was still getting views on these videos years after their games had launched. The fervor of the Terraria community it well-known, and we never would have had a Stadia version if fans didn’t want it.

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No details or responses from Google have been seen yet. “I absolutely have not done anything to violate your terms of service, so I can take this no other way than you deciding to burn this bridge. Consider it burned,” said Spinks on Twitter.

Users reacting to the news were very much against Google here. And in the absence of an official expansion, what else are they supposed to think?

Google Stadia has had a very troublesome few days this month. Google Stadia shut down both of its internal first-party studios earlier this month. That led to roughly 150 staff either being fired or reassigned within the company. Both of these studios had basically released nothing for the platform. This has led many to suspect that Google is getting ready to can the entire service.

And now with Google Stadia Terraria no longer happening, there’s more suspicion that things are getting worse for big G. It’s possible things could turn around, but Stadia is not looking too good right now.

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