How to get Fool’s Remedy in Destiny 2 – Best Rolls

How to get Fool's Remedy in Destiny 2 - Best Rolls

Iron Banner is currently live on all platforms until August 11th. That means some old and new content has gotten a refresh within the game. Destiny 2 has some new and old weapons for players to chase, and one of them is probably the best so far. One of those is called the Fool’s Remedy in Destiny 2, and it’s freaking epic, and really something you want.

The Fool’s Remedy. Unlike other sidearms, is a fully-automatic weapons platform with tons of DPS output to its name. With the SUROS Rapid-Fire archetype built in, you can basically just unleash all the firepower in the world from such a small platform that is just terrifying. and its power in both PvE and PvP modes makes it more than just a simple bullet slinger.

How to get Fool’s Remedy?

Fool’s Remedy in Destiny 2 is tied to Iron Banner, meaning you can only acquire this weapon during the event itself. To get your shot at the gun, you need to stop by Lord Saladin. You will be handed various quests from him to complete for Banner Tokens. These can then be traded in for various rewards. What you’re after is to get 20 of the Banner Tokens and trade them for the Engrams he has. These are the Engrams which contain Fool’s Remedy in Destiny 2.

And if you don’t get it the first time the event runs, you usually have a few more chances. The Iron Banner content appears a few times a season that makes it much more likely to farm if you play enough. So let’s cover why we want this gun, and what perks and rolls are best for it.

What rolls are best for it?

The PvE rolls for Fool’s Remedy ar pretty basic, but by no means are they weak. Control SAS is in our first slot to boost our aim assistance, stability, and handling. Being a full-auto weapon, there’s a great bit of accuracy to be had with recoil controlling perks. Flared Magwell speeds up reloads, upping DPS overall. If you’re also running Feeding Frenzy, you can combo in Extended Mag for a combination of boosted stats and more ammo to burn through. There’s also a case to be made for some similar options.

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The combination of Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip is darn near perfect for this gun. There’s not much gamebreaking here in terms of shaking up the metagame, but it’s rock-solid in terms of DPS. You can also use Fourth Time’s the Charm, but this isn’t a solid option since you won’t be using The Fool’s Remedy for majors or bosses. In short, just focus on using this thunder cannon to clear weaker mob packs and you will be fine.

  • Control SAS
  • Flared Magwell or Extended Mag
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Kill Clip

The PvP rolls on the other hand, are a little more varied. There is a strong case to be made for hyper-focusing on PvP with this weapon. There are lots of powerful perk choices too, meaning you can alter your play style a bit with it. Tactic SAS and Richochet Rounds are a good start, as they both combine to boost range. This is vital in PvP as sidearms have a definite disadvantage there.

There is a bit more freedom when it comes to other perks though. Moving Target is good for getting more shots on target.

Rangefinder is the best all-round choice for getting a bit more accuracy and DPS overall. You could also opt for another choice though, depending on your control setup. On PC, Iron Gaze isn’t as good due to the need for faster shooting in a mouse/keyboard environment. Instead, you should roll with Rangefinder to get that accuracy up. From there, you’re pretty much set.

  • Tactic SAS
  • Richochet Rounds
  • Moving Target
  • Rangefinder or Iron Gaze (console only)
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