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Pokemon Go getting Buddy Adventures mode in 2020

Pokemon Go

Niantic has just unveiled new details for a new gameplay mode coming to Pokemon Go. The new patch will introduce a new mode called the Buddy Adventure update. The system revolves around picking a Pokemon from your team and taking them on various adventures.

The game mode is centered around various new AR+ features being brought into Pokemon Go. Each of the new Buddies will have an affection level similar to the Friendship levels from the mainline games. As the Affection of a Buddy grows, gamers will be able to undertake various adventures with a wide variety of rewards. Each level also gains minor boosts to CP as they move up the scale. The best way to level up the Affection for a Pokemon is to feed them berries and take them into battles.

The first rank, Good Buddy, will see that Pokemon spawning on the overworld map with you. Great Buddies have a chance to pop up in battles and bring in special items to help you out. Ultra Buddies will help you discover Pokestops and places of interest nearby, earning the player special rewards for discovering them. Buddies that have reached Best Buddy status gain a minor boost to CP in battles.

Niantic is also planning to introduce a new Shared AR Experience mode, that will tie-in with the new multiplayer features the developer is planning to bring to the mobile game in 2020 and beyond.

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The Buddy Adventure update is due for Pokemon Go ‘by 2020’ although no release date has been given yet. Those interested can find more details in the announcement post on the Pokemon Go website, or check out the trailer below. Pokemon Go is available now on Android and iOS.

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