Can you do anything with Scrap Wood in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid

There is an entire mountain of items in Project Zomboid. Players fighting back the horde of undead will find many useful widgets during their time in Knox county. As always, Project Zomboid constantly gets new items added. And with mods, there’s even more that can be added to the game. So keep in mind that these recipes and uses can and do change. Project Zomboid Build 41 added a bunch of new changes to the game. And with that, comes a lot of new questions about what various items do.

As you explore, many different items can be found all over the game world. Some of these are useful as weapons or gear to fight off zombies. Other raw materials can be harvested to fuel crafting needs. Scrap Wood in Project Zomboid is one of the more common items you find. You often get it when breaking down furniture and other items for parts. But a lot of players seem unclear on what its use is.

Can you do anything with Scrap Wood in Project Zomboid?

Using Scrap Wood as firewood is Scrap Wood’s only real use right now. You can burn it inside a campfire, charcoal barbecue or antique oven. The fire will last for 1 hour and 24 minutes for each piece consumed.

When you’re ready to begin, it’s best to start by gathering the materials to make a Campfire. You need to assemble a Campfire Kit using Three Planks and one unit of kindling. You can use Bandages, sheets or any other flammable item. if you don’t have Planks, Logs work too. You will then need to select the Campfire Kit in your inventory and place it to build the Campfire.

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Campfires are actually a vital part of the game, and you need to put time and resources into lighting and maintaining them. . Lighting a campfire requires a fuel source of some kind. Here are the items you can use and how to make them. Gather these items and then have them in your inventory. When ready to use it, place some wood in the campfire inventory and then right-click it. The option to light will be on the context menu. You will use the same right-click menu to add fuel from your inventory.

Fuel to Light a Campfire in Project Zomboid

  • Notched Wood + Sturdy Stick or Tree Brach
  • Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Journal, Paper + Lighter or Matches
  • Sheets, Ripped Sheets + Lighter or Matches
  • Gas Can + Lighter or Matches

This becomes vitally important after power shuts off in the game, and you can no longer cook or stay warm. Fires also become important when you need to boil water in PZ, either to sanitize bandages or for drinking.

It’s worth also noting that mods may change this behavior. Some mods add tons of new recipes to the game, and we can’t account for every mod on the Workshop.

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