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Crackdown 3 Flying High update launches

Crackdown 3 Release Date Announced

The newest major title update for Crackdown 3 has dropped, adding a bunch of new content to the action game. The content added by this patch runs the gamut for different kinds of content. Entitled the Flying High update, the expansion adds the Agency Wingsuit that lets player zip around like nobody’s business. And to tie-in with that are several new races, seven in total, that you can use the new Wingsuit with.

And it’s not just a new travel option to fly around the city with, the Flying High update also wants gamers to get destructive with some new weapons as well. There’s the brand new Elemental Forge which headlines this batch of content, offering players four new weapons to play with. Each of these four weapons is tied to a specific element. The Flaming Sword, an Ice Mace or the toxic-themed Chimera axe are all joined by the shocking Electric Hammer. To round out the update, the final major new weapon is the Clusterduck Grenade for pure destructive potential.

The patch also drops in 14 new achievements and 500 Gamerscore and if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, it’s great news for you.

And although many critics and gamers felt the base game wasn’t too inspired or fun to play. The game is currently out for PC and Xbox One.

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