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AMD used fake Xbox Series X render in Keynote

Xbox Series X

Apparently, AMD just made a major mistake during CES 2020. During the keynote presentation today in Las Vegas, the company focused in on their plans for the future. On their various efforts, the PC giant teased a new series of mobile processors with the Ryzen 4000 series, and the RX 5000 series Radeon graphics cards. During the keynote AMD also focused on the upcoming Xbox Series X. And it was during that Xbox Series X portion that things went wrong.

According to this reveal, the console will have two HDMI ports (HDMI 2.1 to support 8K), two USB-C ports, an Ethernet socket and an S/PDIF port, more commonly referred to as an optical or digital audio port. Although it’s very important to note something. There’s been a major mistake made during the reveal. It turns out that the render of the console shown is probably not representative of the final version of the new Xbox.

It turns out that whoever at AMD was responsible for creating the promotional package was not too concerned with the images they used. According to a statement from Microsoft, the render of the console body AMD used was not accurate at all. Current explanations suggest that the company put a render from a third-party site into their presentation without any concern for whether it was accurate. Tech Journalist Brad Sams called it out, pushing Microsoft’s own statement on the problem as well. Check that out below.

The reveal did call into question what inputs and outputs the actual console will use. Although the featuring of the two HDMI ports is interesting. It’s possible that this configuration could support a wide array of features. For example, there’s the potential for HDMI-CEC and HDMI-ARC. These two technologies allow for the Xbox Series X to passthrough TV and high-fidelity audio signals respectively. This could be useful for having the new Xbox as a home theater console, or even a core streaming device.

A previous reveal from Phil Spencer seemingly confirmed that the 8K support was right on the money. And it’s a safe bet that more news will come out soon confirming more details.

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