How to complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife

Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife

We’re back with another weekly challenge in BitLife.  This time, we’re back in a world of zany hijinks and nonsense. Usually, these are convoluted challenges that must be done in sequence. Sometimes, we’re getting very simple challenges, other times the tasks are convoluted. This film-inspired challenge is a bit more in the middle. It’s not too hard, but it does take some work. Here’s a guide on how to complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife

This week, the challenge is a pretty focused one. Players will find themselves trying to get into law school, styled after the plot of a certain Reese Witherspoon film. Here’s what to do.

Just make a character until you land as a female in California. This can take a bit of work as you need the RNG on your side. You can also use the God mode addon to force it if you wish.

Your primary goal is education, so you want to be fairly smart. The first stat you need to worry about is Smarts. When you begin the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife, you will want to try to get both Looks and Smarts as high as possible. Go to the library and read as often as you can. Also, make sure to play a sport in school, this will help keep you in shape. If you’re good enough, you can also get a scholarship to college.

The next thing you need to do is gain entry into a sorority. Joining one in BitLife, like many other tasks, involves a test. Here are the answers:

  • Goddess of Agriculture: Demeter
  • Greek-city state that produces the best warriors: Sparta
  • River Achilles was dipped into: Styx
  • Zeus’ weapon of choice: Lightning-bolts
  • Physically ugly god: Hephaestus
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Once you’ve gotten into college, make sure to study hard. You will need to get into law school, which is pretty challenging. The higher those Smarts stats, the better your chances. Now just level up through college and focus on getting your first degree.

Looks is another stat you need to keep track of. By working out regularly you can help it along, but there is a shorter path. If you’re not using the God mode addon to tweak your stats, try to start with as high Looks as you can. You can make up any shortcomings in this area with plastic surgery. Go into the Activities menu and click Plastic Surgery. The game will give you various options to choose from. The options can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so you better have a lot of money saved up. Without going down the plastic surgery rabbit hole, you will just have to hope for good results from the various diets and workouts.

Now, when you’ve completed your four years of college, make sure you got your degree in Criminal Justice or Education. Then, you want to choose to head to Law School via the available options. As long as you have a full Looks meter on the main menu, you’re OK to move onto Law School. Choose the seek higher education option to move on.

Getting a chihuahua named Bruiser is a pretty easy task. You just need to hunt through either the adoption center or breeder until you find a chihuahua, then rename it Bruiser once you have it.

There, now you have successfully completed the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife!

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