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Original Diablo makes its way over to GOG


Anyone who has tried to play any older PC game on newer hardware knows the struggles of trying to get classic games running on older hardware. Older games have a habit of bein incompatible with modern hardware and operating systems for a variety of reasons. From hardcoded issues with modern GPU rendering, to crash bugs, all the way down to in-built limitations of older OS memory allocations, there’s a bevy of issues that make older games a headache for many gamers. Enter a company like GOG who takes older games and polishes them up to make sure they run on modern rigs.

And now, Diablo fans will once again know the joys of the classic game which helped birth a genre in the modern era of gaming. That’s right, a new version of classic Diablo is coming to the PC courtesy of the fine folks at GOG. Blizzard and GOG are working together to deliver a two-pack deal for the classic RPG via the GOG platform. There will be two versions of the game included for the sticker price. The first version is the unchanged original, while the second is a GOG-enhanced version. According to the announcement, the updated version offers “quality of life additions, including minor audio fixes, up-scaling support for resolution and refresh rate control, and compatibility fixes.”

Players will be able to play the original version of the game in multiple modes, singleplay, LAN and Internet-based play are all available in this version.

The revamped version isn’t a full remaster or anything, there are plenty of fixes, improvements and tweaks in this release to make it a decent pickup for hardcore fans looking to run the original ARPG on newer hardware. If you want to see what the original game looks like compared to the GOG edition, we’ve included a comparison video below. Thanks to YouTuber Perusoe. It’s worth noting that the textures and sprites haven’t been remade either, the new version does support high-resolution displays via upscaling though.

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There is some bad news though, as the Hellfire expansion for the base game won’t be released anytime soon on either version included in this bundle. Also, players on the GOG version of the game won’t be able to play it over the internet. Only LAN-based multiplayer is available through that game.

You can pick up Diablo on the GOG platform for only $9.99 USD starting today.

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