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Doom Eternal gets a December 8 release on Nintendo Switch

Doom Slayers Collection

Want to get in the holiday mood and slay some demons, here’s your chance. Since you’re probably not going o’er the river and through the woods in 2020, why not stay home and play some games? Doom Eternal on Switch is here to give you some of that fun for leisure and a load of bloodshed, and you don’t have to sell your soul to get it.

Doom Eternal on Switch will have full JoyCon and Pro support, allowing those on the portable console to get into the fight in whatever way they choose. The portable version will have all the DLC content, like the RIp & Tear bundle, already included. The publisher has also confirmed that expansion The Ancient Gods: Part 1 will indeed be coming out for the game sometime later.

There is some bad news though, namely that you will want to make room on your console. The game will not get a physical release after all. The game on the Switch will take up 18.8 GB and will only be available through the eShop.

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DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch is available only as a digital download and there may not be a physical version at all. This means that those who have pre-ordered the game should make sure to cancel their order. Some retailers have gotten on the ball and refunded purchases after the news. If you haven’t gotten notice or a refund, check with the retailer you ordered from.

If you have other questions, read the FAQ accompanying the announcement. Check out the trailer for Doom Eternal on Switch down below. Doom Eternal releases for the Nintendo Switch on December 8.

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