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Re-Legion launches into RTS cult insanity with new trailer

Re-Legion RTS Announcement Trailer

Re-Legion, the newly released RTS title from 1C Company, is out now on PC via Steam and GOG. 1C Entertainment is making the masses look upon their new cyberpunk god with awe in this depressing mix of RTS gameplay and dystopian fiction, and things are not all happiness and serenity.

Here’s the official description of Re-Legion from Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment:

“Re-Legion is a unique strategy game that transports players to a dystopian world where their decisions matter, both in a tactical and moral sense. As Elion, players can achieve power through many methods, including conversion, hacking, combat, upgrades, and special abilities—the choice of how humane or brutal the approach is yours to make.”

In other words, this is an entirely unique take on an established genre, one that blends uncomfortable subject matter with gameplay we all know and love. The goal here is to force the player to take a long hard look at their choices and the consequences they reap, because you impact more than your own life in Re-Legion, you can potentially shape the course of events for many people.

The player takes on the role of a newly minted prophet named Elion, one madman in an increasingly destabilized and mad oppressive technocratic society. As a leader of a new secret cult, you must choose the path of you and your followers, as well as what kind of salvation you truly want to offer the masses. Converting the unknown masses into Followers of your particular brand of faith will not be easy though.

Along the way various enemies and challenges will rear up against you, and you must use your cunning and sometimes strength to overcome these issues. As your following grows, so too does the danger, as the powers-that-be can’t stand to see their own powerbase eroded, so increasingly difficult enemies will rise to challenge you.

The game retails normally for $19.99 (€17.99; £15,99), but the developers want to offer something special for the launch window of this particular game. For the first two weeks of launch, Re-Legion will have a 10% discount, which places the price points at US$17.99; €16.19; £14,39.

Like I said, the game is out now for PC on Steam and GoG, and you can check out the launch trailer for this new breed of RTS down below.

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