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Inside Star Citizen – Can You Banu?

Star Citizen Alpha

The newest Star Citizen video is out now, bringing to light the ongoing development of Star Citizen, and things are starting to look very interesting indeed. The new video showcases a lot of the new flight model that came in the 3.5 alpha, as well as a ton of other interesting gameplay bits. Gamers and fans also got a nice in-depth look at a new ship, the Banu Defender.

Things aren’t all rosy though, as a recent report from Forbes has shed a rather unsavory light on the state of development of Star Citizen. The game has been in production since 2012, when its first Kickstarter campaign launched. Since then, the game has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fund ongoing work. Specifically, CIG has managed to raise $224,862,698 from backers, all 2,321,974 of them. With that amount of cash, you would think things would be going swimmingly, not so much.

That report cast a pretty negative light on the companywide nature of development on the game. Chris Roberts has taken an extremely active role in development, with him acting as the final approval for every aspect of the game. If you think this level of micromanagement is stifling development progress, you would be correct, according to some sources.

The former lead character artist of Star Citizen, David Jennison, explained that it took him 17 months just to complete the designs of five character models. “All the decisions for the character pipeline and approach had been made by Roberts. It became clear that this was a companywide pattern.”

And with the glacial pace of development, the 100 star systems promised in the various promotions for the game may never materialize. Out of that promised hundred star systems, CIG has yet to fully complete and deploy just one. Currently Star Citizen “has two mostly finished planets, nine moons, and an asteroid.”

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