Null Sec Sov Fights

Why defensive SBUs are important!


In what can only be described as an attempt at trolling in EVE, Fatal Ascension somehow forgot to online SBUs in a staging system to slow down a SOV offensive from their enemies.  As a result, some TEST members were able to essentially sneak in and attempt to online an SBU, forcing FA to destroy said SBU.

The system of 6VDT-H is well known for being one of the final battles of the now infamous “Fountain War”.  In which nearly every major nullsec alliance were involved in blowing each others shit up.  And during this time, FA were able to gain SOV over the system from TEST.

The resulting slapfight between elements of HERO and the CFC only destroyed about 2 Billion ISK in assets, and was very much a rout for HERO.  But as there was essentially zero point to this move beyond hilarity for possibly drunken pilots, I’d say it was more than worth it.

In all likely hood this will just pass by without any wider repercussions, but one can hope for this being the catalyst for other chicanery throughout CFC space. /sarcasm.

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