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Path of Exile Mobile and MacOS ports coming

Path of Exile 2

With the reveal of Path of Exile 3.9 and the MetaMorph Challenge League, players are going to be tackling an entirely new endgame system. Being called  Conquerors of the Atlas means that the real new boss of this game is in fact the player, in lore at least. The storylines will be more varied as well compared to previous game versions.

Path of Exile 2 is of course not just a unique sequel, but rather an entirely new experience. The gameplay for the upcoming major expansion has already been revealed, detailing a ton of new and reworked systems. With all of this new content coming over the next few months and years, there’s a ton of change that is coming to the best ARPG on the market. One change pretty much no one expected was the surprise announcement of Path of Exile Mobile.

Chris Wilson said that there are two paths the mobile version can take. The goal here is to develop the mobile version strictly according to player feedback and desires. Path of Exile Mobile will be getting a lot of work over the next few months, as Grinding Gear Games takes things players bring up into account. One positive from developing this game for iPhone means that GGG will also be bringing a MacOS port of the main game soon.

The company can either take Path of Exile Mobile into a more standalone game experience that offers a new game within the overall POE experience. It will feel like a more unique idea that borrows heavily on POE. The other option is to create a more condensed and simple idea that’s very much just POE on mobile. The developers don’t want to be Diablo Immortal all over again, something Chris Wilson joked about on stage. The one core recurring theme in the thought process here is that GGG does NOT want to lean into the terrible microtransactions and other junk in mobile gaming. It will be very interesting to see if they can pull it off.

With all the new changes coming in Path of Exile 2 though, it certainly could work.

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