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Monster Hunter Rise confirmed for PC release in 2022

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Some huge news has just dropped for Monster Hunter fans. This was already all but confirmed, but it’s nice to have a solid announcement. Monster Hunter Rise on PC has been confirmed. Speaking in an interview with Fanbyte, Ryozo Tsujimoto and Yasunori Ichinose, respective producer and director at Capcom Japan, described the port of Monster Hunter Rise as “still very much in development,” with a targeted release date of 2022.

The PC launch hung like a specter over the launch of Monster Hunter World. The performance issues that game faced were mostly fixed, but still hung heavy. The game was likely in that state due to a lack of PC development experience on the team. It would seem as though Capcom has remedied that problem with Rise. The expectation is that Monster Hunter Rise on PC will run just fine. If it runs as well as expected on Switch, this seems reasonable.

The team has had plenty of experience on portable platforms like the DS, but this is the first time they got their hands on a more powerful so they had more room to work with. The PC ecosystem presents an even greater challenge. Hopefully, they can avoid the problems of the previous game.

The news comes after the Capcom hack last year revealed many internal documents belonging to the game’s maker. There was no formal announcement at that time. The game is currently due to launch on Switch on March 26.

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