Where to find Vex enemies on Io in Destiny 2

How to get captured Arc energy in Destiny 2

The new Scan Traces are being added to the game as the release of Beyond Light thunders forward. Each of the enemy types in the game will have Traces attached to them. You need to use the new Exodus: Evacuation questline that has various types of objectives for it to unlock some new gear. The new questline will send you to each of the planets in the game and complete the relevant quests. Part of this quest involves hunting Vex enemies on Io in Destiny 2.

The first location you’ll need to visit is Io. You’ll need to speak to Ashen Mir to start this quest and then do the following:

Exodus: Evacuation quest – Io

  • Collect Taken traces from Taken Phalanxes and open the chest in the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector.
  • Complete the Pyramidion strike and collect 40 Scan Traces by killing Vex on IO
  • Complete the Unexpected Guest (Heroic) adventure.

The second objective involves hunting down Vex and the related enemies to collect 40 Scan Traces. That means heading to the Giant’s Scar zone on Io and looking for the Pyramidion strike mission. The boss will spawn there most often, at least that’s what most players have found. You will also need to gather 40 Scan Traces that can be obtained by killing Vex enemies around the zone. The Traces can be found from any enemy, but Vex is most often found in Giant’s Scar.

Giant’s Scar

Giant’s Scar has a massive building out near the spawn point, that’s the best place to head to when looking for Vex. The Vex Spire public event will spawn in the area to let you know you’re in the right place.

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You can also head to the Oasis in this area, look for the floating rings. Jumping around through these rings will propel the player around in the air, while also spawning enemies beneath you. You can easily farm Scan Traces in this zone.

The rest of the Excavation quests can be found below.

Exodus: Evacuation quest – Titan

  • Defeat Dek-Thra the Hive Knight in the Methane Flush Lost Sector.
  • Open chests protected by Hive Ultras in the Solarium or Festering Halls.
  • Complete Savathun’s Song strike and collect Tech Fragments by killing Hive Ogres, Wizards, and Knights on Titan.

Exodus: Evacuation quest – Mercury

  • Complete A Garden World strike and defeat Vex Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopses on Mercury.
  • Complete Tree of Probabilities strikes and defeat Cabal on Mercury.
  • Complete the Bug in the System (Heroic) adventure.

Exodus: Evacuation quest – Mars

  • Investigate Mindlab: Rasputin.
  • Defeat bosses in Escalation Protocol.
  • Complete Deathly Tremors (Heroic) adventure.
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