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The Division 2 details Clan system

The Division 2

So Ubisoft and Massive have revealed a bunch of new details about the Clan system in The Division 2, and it’s a great bit of new for fans other shooter franchise looking to pal around with friends while taking on this challenging new game. So without wasting any time, let’s jump into the basics of creating and managing Clans in The Division 2.

Creating and Managing Clans

Players and perspective Clan leaders have a ton of options for when creating or customizing Clans in The Division 2. It’s really nuts what options Ubi has built into this system. And it’s a good sign since Clans are a primary mechanic in this particular shooter. Leaders can create custom insignias with their own color schemes, symbols and other aspects. Ubisoft has created a huge library of icons, borders, backgrounds and other accoutrement for Clan insignias too.

The other major customization setup revolves around names and tags. Clans will have both a full name and a three letter tag.

Clans can also sort their listings and offerings by a variety of variables. There’s a ton of different filters players can use when filtering out Clans in this game.

  • Activities: Does a Clan focus on PvE or PvP?
  • Most Active Times : The Time Zones in which Clan members mostly operate
  • Atmosphere: Whether or not the Clan has a more relaxed or competitive atmosphere and drive. More casual Clans might appeal to some players, while others want to try-hard all day.
  • Mic Requirement:  If the clan requires a microphone to be able to join.
  • Language: The primary spoken language of the Clan.
  • Region: The geographical location of the members.

Clans will also be able to communicate in a variety of different ways. One thing that I quite like is the inherent privacy build into the system. Clans can be Open, Invite Only or Closed, allowing people to create Clans in the game with just their friends. As someone who almost always plays these types of games in those settings, I prefer these kinds of options.

Division 2 Clans

Clan Progression in The Division 2

Clans will also have their own internal ranks, which leaders can hand out in order to delegate responsibility and grant new privileges. Those four ranks are:

  • Commander – The leader of the clan with complete control over the capabilities and mechanics within the organization.
  • Lieutenant – The officer rank, which will be able to send out invites, review applications, promote and demote members as well as moderate the clan feed.
  • Agent – A tested member of the clan, has the ability to invite new players.
  • Recruit – This probationary level is essentially a new member with no extra administrative abilities or privileges.
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Outside of internal ranks, Clans in The Division 2 have their own overall ranking compared to other Clans. This level is determined by Clan XP (CXP), and caps out at level 30. Each level up to the CXP cap grants specific bonuses and rewards for the Clan, so you want to grind these out. New visual customizations like insignia symbols and Clan skins can be unlocked in this manner.

There are a handful of ways to grind out CXP, so let’s go over them. The primary ways of gaining CXP involve just playing the game, as all in-game actions have some amount of reward attached to them. However, Ubisoft is putting in two means of farming these Clan levels in bursts.

CXP can be handed out in weekly challenges, either through Projects or other weekly goals. Projects and other randomized goals are meant to be tackled as a team, and include a variety of goals. From farming certain encounters to completing high-risk missions, players can earn huge CXP bumps with these weekly challenges. There are three tiers to these challenges, each with their own reward, bronze, silver and gold.

Division 2 Clan Levels

Clan Quarters

These are akin to your offices/hideouts in The Division 2. Clans can chill here and socialize between missions, but they can also get some work done. Clan officers will have access to all their administration capability within Quarters, giving them a quiet place to manage the group. Groups can also post messages to one another, track progress on different goals and missions, and even keep score on who’s doing the best helping out the Clan at that time. Think of this like a giant message board complete with a lot more guns and chaos.

The developers are also keeping a tight lid on more details concerning quarters. This probably means that both in-game events and new content will be tied to these locations, so keep an eye out for more info once the game comes out.

So that’s the Clan system in The Division 2. What do you think?

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