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Watch Dogs Legion Box Art Leaked


So another leak for Watch Dogs Legion has fans speculating a fair bit ahead of more news about the game during E3 2019. The newest leak isn’t much, as it is just the box art for the new game, but it’s still interesting to see.

This leak reveals a few ideas that players had suspected since the new Watch Dogs title leaked shortly before E3. Watch Dogs Legion will support the ability to take over NPCs as a core gameplay mechanic. The game will also likely be able to support a variety of character customization options. This is reinforced by the new box art. And as expected, players will be able to choose from a few different editions of the game. One of these will include in-game items, although not much else is out at this time in terms of details.

Some players are suggesting that the amount of different characters on the cover, and the inclusion of cosmetic items, has reinforced the idea of this new game being a huge departure from the basic setup of the Watch Dogs franchise. The running idea is that this new title may be an online “live services” title with multiple online features.

Watch Dogs Legion is currently in development without a release date or confirmed platforms. Ubisoft is also working on a variety of other franchises and games. There’s new titles like The Division 2Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and more coming out of E3 2019 for release in the future.

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