How to Find a Mega Raid in Pokémon Go

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The Mega Raid in Pokémon Go is a new challenge added to the game for elite Trainers. You can find and battle a wide array of different Pokémon, in battles that bring the MegaEvolutions to the forefront. If you played the last couple of generations of games, this will look very similar to you. You can find them all over, here are some tips for finding and beating these powerful monsters.

A Pokémon in a Mega Raid is always found in a Gym spawn. These monsters take over Gyms entirely, dominating the previous battles that were there before. The Mega Evolved forms are much tougher than normal spawns, so bring your best team along for the ride. The key difference, aside from the massively improved rewards in Mega Raids, is that you can’t capture Mega Evolved Pokémon at the end of the fight.

The biggest reward is Mega Energy, which can then be used to Mega Evolve your own team, assuming they have support for the form in-game. You can match a type of Mega Energy to any kind of Poke in the same class. Each time you do it though, expect to expend a fair amount of energy doing it. YOu will have to keep farming these raids to get more. Luckily for you, subsequent Evolutions have a lowered cost after that first time.

How to Find a Mega Raid in Pokémon Go

So with that in mind, how do you find a Mega Raid in Pokémon Go? That’s the rub, you can’t guarantee a spawn of this kind currently. There have been no methods divined currently to force Mega Raids to appear. It seems Niantic has largely focused on keeping new Mega forms for events and the like. So the best way right now seems to be to stick to farming events. Otherwise, just keep things moving around and hop in any Gyms you find.

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The best way to find Raids is to use the tracker for Raid Battles option in your game. There’s a setting in the menu where you can join any active Raid a friend is in. This is one of the many benefits to getting into the game with pals, as they can help you track down new Mega Raids and other rare spawns. Aside from that, you just have to keep your eyes peeled. Normally, before a Raid begins, an egg will spawn over the Gym in-game, keep an eye out for that to denote incoming Raids.

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