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Final Fantasy 16 revealed for PC at PlayStation 5 showcase

Final Fantasy 16 revealed for PC at PlayStation 5 showcase

Final Fantasy 16 has just been revealed, coming soon to PS5. The game will also eventually come to PC, but quite a wait is involved for the non-console port. The game was revealed as part of the PlayStation 5 showcase and will be a console exclusive when it launches on PS5. But that’s not all.

A short teaser was shown revealing a precious few details about the game and its setting, but also something very cool indeed. Final Fantasy 16 will in fact come to the PC at some point. Details are still pretty scarce and it’s safe to assume we’re years out from a full PC release, as we only got the barest threads from the teaser shown.

There’s no release date yet obviously, all we know is that the game is coming sometime in the future. The game will be directed by legendary designer and helm of the Final Fantasy franchise Yoshi P, who will bring his style and skill to the new game to tell a new story. We’re light on story details right now, but what we’ve seen so far hints at betrayal and politics in a new setting. No idea how it might tie into previous games, if at all.

You can check out the trailer in the Tweet below.

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