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Hyper-realistic skate sim, Session, coming to Early Access


There’s a new skateboarding game coming to the PC, and it looks like a rather interesting title. If you’re looking for an immersion-driven and realistic skating experience, creā-ture Studios has something you might be interested in. It’s called Session, and it follows the growing line of skating sims that mimic real life as closely possible.

Session follows the overall plan laid out by the legendary Skate franchise from EA.  There’s a lot tighter of a focus on real-world skating too, no insanely complex maps with missions and insane stunts like Tony Hawk’s Underground here. And much like the later Skate titles, the ability to cut together complex footage that would be welcome on any vintage skating VHS from the 90s is a big part of this game.

Another interesting element is the world itself which Session takes place in. The game map includes a “1:1 scale of New York focused on Lower Manhattan, featuring the legendary Brooklyn Banks and surrounding Financial District.” That map will include realistic models of many spots any skater would love. There’s tons of  stairs, curbs, and rails to trick off of, and the talented players will be able to string together some incredible combos.

So if you grew up playing the classic Tony Hawk games, or cut your teeth on the more modern Skate, this may be a worth addition to your PC gaming library.

Session will arrive on Steam’s Early Access platform on September 17th. Developer Creā-ture Studios has also indicated that a release into the Xbox One Preview program will come later. You can check out the preview teaser for the sport game down below.

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